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Helen Janse van Rensburg

SA WISE-Hope scholarship recipient 2012

My name is Helen J v Rensburg and I was born quite a few decades ago. In this time I have thrown myself into many activities including academics, play and travel. I have always had an interest in a wide variety of things from art to astronomy, comedy to science. I enjoy dancing and have done some classes in hip-hop, freestyle, modern and most recently zumba. But my biggest passion is Medicine. I studied Media and Film when I finished school but I soon realised my heart belonged to the sciences of the human body. I enjoy the puzzle of it and the challenge, but most of all, I enjoy the patients. I value being a part of someone else's life in such an intimate way and I feel honoured to be part of a career where human kindness, care and empathy are prerequisites. I started doing my first completely clinical Internal Medicine block this year and I now know I made the right decision, despite the sacrifices I have had to make to become a student again at a mature age. It is all worth it!