Monthly Profiles

Celebrating women in science

Prof. Jacquie Greenberg (Professor of Human Genetics, University of Cape Town)
Sonja Basson (Engineer at Eskom)
Dr Rene English (Director, Health Systems Research Unit, Health Systems Trust)
Shameemah Abrahams (MSc student, Excercise Science, University of Cape Town) 
Elsje-Márie Geldenhuys (PhD student, Morphological Sciences, Stellenbosch University) 
Chantell Witten (Nutrition Specialist for UNICEF/South Africa) 
Fiona Kebirungi Baine (PhD student in Human Genetics) 
Keitumetse Mothibeli (Field application specialist, Whitehead Scientific) 
Michelle Lochner (PhD student, Dept Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, UCT) 
Dr Gill Black (April 2014) (Co-founder and Director at the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation) 
Caroline Pule (May 2014) (PhD student, Molecular Biology and Human Genetics, University of Stellenbosch) 
Kate Munnik (June 2014) (Marine Biologist, Lwandle Technologies) 
Tracy Kolbe-Alexander (Biokineticist, University of Queensland) 
Dr Kylie de Jager (Postdoctoral Researcher, Biomedical Engineering, UCT) 
Sandhya Silal (Senior Physiotherapist, SSISA)
Zoe Lincoln (Electrical Engineer, Eskom)
Dr Olufunke Alaba (Economist with specialization in Health Economics, University of Cape Town)​
Prof. Eileen Hoal (Professor in Molecular Biology and Human Genetics, Stellenbosch University)
Fadeelah Kenny (Electrical Engineer, Eskom)